White Dance Masters Make Welcome Return

Pop Will Eat Itself are back in the West Midlands for a local gig tomorrow night. The band have established themselves as one of the country's prime movers in white dance music and have successfully managed to move with the times when they needed to. Part of the now-famous Stourbridge scene, the Poppies started out as a heavily guitar-based outfit with a refreshingly straightforward output of simple but powerfully attractive songs. But then the dance influences began to take over and the band began moving in a different direction. It was a radical departure and the Poppies seemed a little out of sorts to begin with, but they proved their adaptability and soon mastered the art of the beat box and sampler. And it has been a reasonably successful story for the Black Country boys, who have produced a couple of decent LPs and a clutch of hit singles. PWEI's live shows have often been a little unpredictable and they seem to need to be in the right mood to really take off, but it's worth taking a chance because when they do pull out all the stops it's a sight to see. Can U Dig It? If so, Pop Will Eat Itself play the Aston Villa Leisure Centre tomorrow night. Ring the box office on 021 328 5377 for details of ticket availability.