Taking a Pop at Gaybo

Pop Will Eat Itself struck another important blow for rock 'n' roll when they appeared on last week's Late Late Show decidedly the worse for alcoholic wear and wrapped in Sellotape! After performing a suitably bouncy version of "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" the Poppies decided to apply several well aimed Doc Martens to their backline with, as one eyewitness puts it, Gaybo's regular crew "diving for cover as amps and bits of equipment flew everywhere." Pausing only to shout a handful of Anglo-Saxon greetings at their host, PWEI departed by whatever was left of the stage and were then forcibly ejected from the studio by a posse of security guards. Word of their youthful high spirits was obviously relayed to the Burlington where they were told "Dos dedos mis amigos" when they tried to gain entry to the IRMAs. Clint & Co. we salute you!