Lend me 5 grand....

Can anyone lend me 5 grand, please?

When I say lend, I mean give.

PWEI are releasing their EP in March with on PledgeMusic The EP features a new track Watch The Bitch Blow (I'm typing that while the kids aren't looking -shhhh!). The EP also features a new of Babylon and a lyrical version of Hollow; as featured in the Sonic Noise Byte.

Some of the goodies on PledgeMusic include:

  • PWEI house party - £5000 - PWEI come and play a live gig at your house
  • Bowling with PWEI- £80 - go bowling with PWEI before a gig.
  • Lots of signed stuff
  • Vinyl

Feel free to invite me to your PWEI house party (sorry, I've got to try).

pwei on pledge music image