No Pop No Style: The PWEINATION Covers Project.

In August 2013 PWEINATION.Com released a private pressing CD featuring 20 Pop Will Eat Itself tracks covered by the fans. We now have only a handful of the limited 200 run left. This CD will not be re run. When it’s gone, it’s gone!



The Incredible Pweination VS. The Moral Majority

E-Jitz –Def Con Wan (Sic)

Section 3 (3) –1000x No!

R0ckdave –Very Metal Noise Pollution

Artificial Human – 92° F

Carts Before Horses – Sweet Sweet Pie

Penny Licks, The –Inside You

Divided Front –Dust Me Down

Project 13 –Intergalactic Dub Mission

Artificial Human – Menofearthereaper

King Brown (2) –The Fuses Have Been Lit

Overflowparking –Back 2 Business

Project 13 –Seek & Destroy

7eventy6ix –Babylon

H.O.B.B.S. –Bulletproof!

Jilm Jolm – Pretty Pretty

Let's Get Lo-Fi Motherf**ker –Urban Futuristic (Son Of South Central)

Jason & Paul Vs The Vocal Minority –Wise Up! Sucker

Quake Tourists, The –Ich Bin Ein Auslander

Bronx Zoo –Pweization

To grab a copy follow the instructions at the top of this thread to order by PM’in ‘nation member payback3000 – Please note: If you have just signed up to order this CD you need a minimum of 3 posts before you are able to order via PM.