Oldskool Cool - The Official Video

There’s a video to Oldskool Cool on youtube; where did it come from?

It looks like it is official. It was made by Great Northern Films. In Maria Lee Metheringham’s own words:

“…. We're an independent film company called Great Northern Films who release b-movie horror films in USA. We're big PWEI fans and whilst listening to the new album New Noise we thought, how kool would it be to make a PWEI music video, we have cameras and a good editor, fuck it! So we sent Graham a message, saying we'd love to make them a video for Oldskool Cool. He got back to us and said, there's no budget but yeh go for it! So there it is!

Just to explain the idea for the video: There wasn’t anyway we could get the guys from PWEI in it so we decided to go with the idea of a load of lasses dressing up as old PWEI and pretending to be the band in the style of ealry 90s - a cross between Def Con One and Ich Bin. The video was directed by myself and Will my partner and edited by Breon Snowdon from Real Design.

The girls in the video were chosen based on the fact they're all into that kind of music as we needed them to be able to get into the music and have a good time. They were all wearing their own clothes plus a PWEI T-SHIRT provided by us that they cut up and customized themselves. The direction they all got was, just go for it, have fun and rock out! Some of the lasses loved it so much they're coming along to the December gig and are new born fans ...”

So hopefully that clears it all up.