On tour and live tour CD available

Pop will eat itself on tour now and live CD available. The Reading (15 March 2012) gig is available as a live CD recording (mp3 too). The reading set list is below (thanks  RolexTharsus) but if, like me, you like surprises then don't look.

(Don't look spoiler!)


Reading - 15/03/2012

Incredible PWEI vs the moral Majority
Back 2 Business
Dance of the Mad Bastards
Chaos & Mayhem
Everything's Cool
Preaching to the Perverted
Get the Girl! Kill the Baddies
Seek & Destroy
Def Con One
Can U Dig it?
Captain Plastic
Kick to Kill
Old Skool Cool
There is No Love Between us Anymore
Nosebleeder Turbo TV
Their Law
Wise Up Sucker