Looking for acapellas / interviews

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Looking for acapellas / interviews

Postby FunkyJ » Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:37 am

Hi all,

I hope this is in the right place to post this... please move it somewhere relevant if not.

Inspired by DJ Food, Cheeba and Moneyshot's Caught in the Middle of a 3 Way mix of the tunes Beastie Boys sampled on Paul's Boutique, I am looking to do something similar with PWEI's "This is This" and maybe "Cure For Sanity".

I realise this pretty ambitious, and I'm not the greatest DJ so it might not ever be as good as Food et al - they apparently spent a few years researching and then arranging the tracks whereas I'll probably just get drunk and press record one night and pop it on mixcloud - but I've got this in my head to do it now :D

I've got a fairly good collection of tunes and samples already, working from Who Sampled and the PWEI Sample List v2.07, however, what I'm lacking is acapellas and interview sources. If anyone here could help me out with links to PWEI acapells and some classic PWEI radio interviews, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Looking for acapellas / interviews

Postby dave_van_damn » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:55 am

Sounds like a great project and I loved that Beastie Boys mix. That said, as far as I'm aware the only acapella from that era is Radio PWEI. At least that's thr only officially release 'pella. You might be able to extract some using software though but I e never had much luck. Or contact Crabbi on Facebooks and see if he can hook you up...
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