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TwyFest 2018

Postby kwvp » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:30 pm

Bearing in mind how close Twyford is to me, I don’t know why I hadn’t got around to buying tickets - maybe because I didn’t fancy buying a ticket for a whole festival just to see the Poppies - so I’m so glad that the organiser, Paul offered some free tickets to PWEI fans on Facebook. (And only afterwards did I realise how reasonably priced the tickets were anyway - I’ll definitely be going for ‘band day’ in future years and will also check out some of the other Twyfest days.)

So, I wandered down from Twyford station and found the Duke Of Wellington pub. It didn’t look like I should be using the main door of the pub so I headed around the side, and almost literally bumped into the band getting out of their van — good sign that they’d made it over from Camden in good time, at least.

Re-tracking, I found my way into the pub and got a drink - really nice local pub feel and it seemed everyone knew each other (of which, more later). Then outside to the beer garden and found a mate who I’ve not seen for a long time.

The beer garden was busy, and the weather beautiful and sunny. And beyond the garden a large white event marquee. Shortly after, the Complete Stone Roses cover band came on, so we wandered into the tent to check them out. They really settled in after first three songs or so, and the onlookers started getting into a nostalgic sing-along, swaying as they went. Part way through the set, Richard came to the front through the audience to seemingly put his ear to the PA to check it out, like was it up to the job?

As the Complete Stone Roses finished and people moved back outside there was time to take in the venue: essentially a wedding marquee, with a carpeted floor, drapes and chandelier-type light fittings in the roof, and chairs down either side. I’d spotted a few PWEI shirts around, but got the impression most people were here to enjoy the sun and a drink, to soak up the atmosphere and check out the bands if the fancy took them. I was concerned there was going to be a really strange atmosphere when PWEI played - gently bopping spectators, not quite sure what to make of it, in a half-empty tent.

As 9.30pm approached - after we’d been temporarily cleared out for a sound check - the marquee gradually started to get busier. I spotted an ancient Poppiecock shirt amongst a large group of mates. Some of my friends had now made it over from Camden. And I was relieved there was some dry ice accumulating, to allow those that wanted to to have a little dance without feeling too self-conscious.

It started to get a bit darker, and the tent was getting slightly busier, but there was still not really any sign of what was about to happen.

The rumblings of The Incredible PWEI vs The Moral Majority started, and I was thinking “this is going to be a really odd gig.” There’s applause as the band come to the stage. “Hello TWYFORD!” says Mary - seemingly slightly ironically and a bit apprehensively. It still seems a bit bizarre as we go into Preaching To The Perverted, but the crowd starts shifting, aided particularly by Crabbi getting down amongst the audience to sing half the song. This could be kind of fun, actually...

Then, shortly after, something happens - the last note of Preaching leads straight into Can U Dig It?, and the crowd are totally into it. From that point on, there’s a mix of young and old bouncing around having the time of their lives. The sound is spot on, the band totally together - and it seems they can’t quite believe the way it’s going down with the crowd either. This is completely unexpected but it’s turning into one of the best PWEI gigs ever.

The setlist is unrelenting - with no low spots - and the crowd don’t slow down - at least the front half of the tent is bouncing, everyone’s signing along, and there’s a huge cheer and applause after every song. My god, it was hot though - I was sweating like a bastard.

Adam’s climbing his keyboard stand, Davey has a huge grin, Crabbi’s crowd surfing, getting down amongst the crowd and holding the mic for them to join in, Mary exclaiming at the reaction of the crowd, Rich totally on form with the guitar, and somewhere amongst all the smoke and lights is Bid on drums.

It doesn’t let up for the whole set, everything from Not Now James to Nosebleeder Turbo TV, until the last note of Their Law.

Afterwards the whole place was buzzing with excited chat. I heard several people saying it was one of the best times they’d seen the Poppies. For me it was right up there with the first time I saw them at Hatfield Forum in 1993, Amalgamation at Aston Villa Leisure Centre and even the Reformation gigs in 2005. A combination of great sound, great performance, a crowd that were really into it, utter fun, and perhaps most of all, it being completely unexpected.

Something that perhaps gave a even more special feel to the night, was Mary’s tribute part way through the set to the man who’d passed away at the TwyFest venue - The Duke Of Wellington - the night before. It was apparent that as a regular at the pub, many of the locals in the crowd knew him and he was a genuinely well-loved guy who would be greatly missed. RIP James.

There was something about the love shown in Paul giving out the free tickets, the great performance, the crowd and love for a friend lost that made it a really special night.

Set list:

The Incredible PWEI vs The Moral Majority
Preaching To The Perverted
Can U Dig It?
Not Now James, We’re Busy
Dance Of The Mad Bastards
Nosebleeder Turbo TV
Wise Up! Sucker
Everything’s Cool?
Ich Bin Ein Auslander
Get The Girl! Kill The Baddies!
Def Con One
Their Law

I had an amazing time. Am very much a fan of TwyFest now, and will be back. And I have the memories of one of my favourite ever gigs.

Roll on Camp Bestival....
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Re: TwyFest 2018

Postby RolexTharsus » Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:12 am

Glad to hear it was such a good gig!

So gutted, had not idea about Twyfest or that the Poppies were playing (thanks Friendface algorithms) until I saw the pics on Monday. Live in Reading and was at a loose end on Saturday night, could've been there in 20 mins!
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Re: TwyFest 2018

Postby Snackula » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:51 pm

Twyford is only down the road from me s well so I assumed Twyfest must be somewhere else and didn't bother getting booked up either. Even trying to type Twyford in this the auto correct kept changing it to Telford.
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Re: TwyFest 2018

Postby payback3000 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:56 am

Great write up mate. I've heard from several people that this show was one of the best ever. I was planning on driving down but things went tits up that weekend. I have Dec 15th to look forwards to though...
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Re: TwyFest 2018

Postby Mad Bastard » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:37 am

payback3000 wrote:I have Dec 15th to look forwards to though...

Looking like that could have 80% of the original line-up isn't it? I wonder what Clint's doing for his Christmas holidays... :D
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Re: TwyFest 2018

Postby kwvp » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:02 pm

Mad Bastard wrote:
payback3000 wrote:I have Dec 15th to look forwards to though...

Looking like that could have 80% of the original line-up isn't it? I wonder what Clint's doing for his Christmas holidays... :D

I was wondering the same. :D
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