This Is This- print quality promo and live images- help need

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This Is This- print quality promo and live images- help need

Postby payback3000 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:33 am

Help needed!

This Is This! era images needed!

Photographers - Does anyone have any professional images of the band, either promotional or from gigs that they own the rights to and are willing to contribute print quality files of for a non profit print project?

Fans - Does anyone have there own snaps of the band live or otherwise from this period that they are willing to provide hi res scans of for the same project? I have a handful knocking about.

There are very few that you can 'license' from Getty and the like and, even for non profit, the licenses start at a min of 10,0000 print duplication with very high impossible to go down this route as this print project, if it comes off, will be very limited numbers...

Also needed - any press packs for the LP or promo images issued by RCA...I have a couple of photos already that are in the promo shots album here...

I'm aware there's stuff on internet but it's either low res / watermarked or to risky to use for the planned project due to who owns the rights...

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Re: This Is This- print quality promo and live images- help

Postby Stubborn Puppet » Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:54 pm

This is probably terrible legal advice, but...


But, in all seriousness, I wonder how much of an image can be used... and how much one must change it... before it becomes protected under fair use laws?
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