Sheffield O2 Academy2, Fri 23rd May

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Sheffield O2 Academy2, Fri 23rd May

Postby Waz » Fri May 23, 2014 11:27 pm

Just got back into Manchester from Sheffield with my long sleeved grey skateboarder tee still intact, and well worth the trip over for a quality PWEI gig in a small and intimate venue.

The two support acts, Cold Lazarus and Resonate, were decent enough and then the DJ decided to play a suite of Madchester songs before going into the likes of Orbital and Massive Attack, quality tunes to get us all warmed up for the incredible PWEI to come.

Despite it being a pretty small stage it didn't stop Graham and Mary from going for it, bounding around, bouncing off each other, and generally kicking it. Tim on guitar was particularly leaning a lot on the speakers and heading right up front, blistering, and Davey was just smiling constantly. There's a very good vibe happening between them all, and you can tell.

Watch The Bitch Blow got a very good reception - think the crowd really liked it especially as there's pogoing to be had just before each chorus, and Reclaim The Game (Funk FIFA) had everyone shouting out "f**k FIFA" instead along with Mary, definitely sounds pretty heavy live. Nice to open with Back To Business / Preaching to the Perverted, and for the old schoolers amongst us, there was Wise Up! Sucker, There Is No Love Between Us Anymore, Radio PWEI, Dance of the Mad Bastards, Everything's Cool, RSVP (with Graham saying "No thanks to Pledge Music!" to introduce it), a storming Ich Bin Ein Auslander (with Mary asking "UKIP? What the f**k was all that about?") and Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies. The newish stuff included Nosebleeder Turbo TV, the Watch The Bitch Blow EP version of Babylon and Oldskool Cool as well.

The encore was Def Con One (with a woman called Karen in the front having Happy Birthday sung to her prior to that!) and then on with the masks and a blistering Their Law, really sounded heavy and cool and plenty of people pogoging like mad.

I was sweating like a pig doing a jig at that gig, let me tell you, and it's took a cooling train journey through the Peak District back to actually stop sweating loads. Quality stuff, and if you're going to London, you're in for a treat Sunday.

Plenty of t-shirts up for grabs too - I got a blue and white PWEI Product one (blue with white logo), there was the neutral and black one of the same, a "Sample It Loop It" one, the new yellow t-shirt (just in case you didn't pledge for it you can get one), the Box Frenzy One, and the black new logo PWEI (similar to the NNDBAS cover and stage backdrop), a hoody too, as well as the shopping bag and PWEI Product beanie hat. They also had 5 signed set lists (£10 each) and 5 signed masks (£15) that you could pick up from the merch stand post-gig if you wished.
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Re: Sheffield O2 Academy2, Fri 23rd May

Postby pedro » Sat May 24, 2014 6:50 pm

Thanks for that. Great write up.
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