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Very Metal Noise Pollution 7" promo (POP4) mispress?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:24 pm
by Waz
Hope the PWEI collectors can help us out with this one, to see if I've got a genuine mispress or if they were all like that (and I had a check through of the forums beforehand..)

Managed to pick up the 7" promo (POP4) of Very Metal Noise Pollution, which goes like this:

POP4A - labels and matrix numbers matches - should be PWEI-Zation, plays Def Con One 1989AD
POP4AA - labels and matrix numbers matches - should be Def Con One 1989, plays PWEI-Zation

Normally I'd expect the labels to have been mispressed and the matrix numbers to be different, but for them to be the same and have the record play the opposite side, strange.

I wonder if anyone else has it if they have the same or not?

Also, Def Con One 1989AD has the "Big Shake, fries to go" lyric as it should, but it also cuts out the last two "Def, def, def, def con, def con one" and goes to the drum break after it and straight to the final verse. This is probably the same on all copies but thought it worth a mention as another part of that edit..