Ever wondered what From Eden sounded like

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Re: Ever wondered what From Eden sounded like

Postby 1000x No! » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:54 am

I got in touch with the guy that did the From Eden tape transfer, I was curious as to why each song faded in and out rather than one continuous gig, and he said it wasn't a live gig as such, but rather a demo of live and studio stuff.

He said "The tape I bought had these six tracks as they are, with the gaps, never as a full gig. I've since been informed by someone who knew the band at the time of recording that its not all from the JBs gig, the second track is taken from a studio recording. It seems it was a demo made up of their best performances of the time and put together as a six track demo packaged as being live at JBs."

So there you go.
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