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Postby negative8ball » Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:54 pm

payback3000 wrote:I never got around to checking, but it for the CD release of Viva - sorry the well fucking cheeky release - it looked like dPlulse downloaded the artwork I hacked together from the digipak pdf for the jewel box inner and tray card. Cowboys all the way!

Just took a quick look (mine's still sealed - they're cheeky, I'm cheeky keeping it sealed - alas)... the text on the spine looks a little fuzzy, kind of like the Anthology Sampler (which also looked hacked together) - so if the art looks "kind of" like yours has been bastardized - I'd say it's a fair shake it was.

Everything (design-wise) was really pretty. Everything (print-quality-wise) was... not so much.
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