problems using TicketWeb

problems using TicketWeb

Postby 80's Virus » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:35 pm

They’re very quick to bank your dosh, and it’s a nightmare trying to get hold of anyone to answer your call when you ring their helpdesk. Only just managed to speak to someone today to advise I haven’t got my tickets that I ordered a week ago and the gigs tomorrow!!!

“Sorry pal, will’av 3 tickets waiting at the box office for ya!”

First of all you’re not my pal and I bought my tickets via TicketWeb so I wouldn’t get messed around on the night. So now I’ve got to print documentation out, take identification to the gig and for inconvenience you’re going to add a £5.61 ticket handling fee. Cheers Pal!

Should of just paid cash on the night…
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